❤️🍔 How Dáme jídlo Uses Emotions & Data to Grow Market Share

Břetislav Stromko is not only the Marketing Director at Dáme jídlo but he is also the head of Business Intelligence. In this exceptional event, Leo Alshafei discusses with Breta how Dáme jídlo are growing their brand and market share.

They cover 4 main points:

  • 🍔 The use of behavioral economics concepts to approach and nudge the user at the right time with the right message
  • ❤️ Creating content that builds an emotional relationship between the audience and the brand
  • 🍕 Effectively evaluating and cooperating with the right influencers
  • 🍜 Making sense of the vast amount of available data

This event was co-organized with HubHub Palác ARA

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