✒💸 How Content Marketing Generated $40M in new Pipeline for Pricefx

Two trends are now affecting you and every business worldwide: a tougher economic situation and increasing AI capabilities.

That led businesses to focus on profitability and invest in organic channels.

🔥 Organic channels are now hotter than a Carolina reaper dipped in wasabi and swallowed down with Jalapeño Margarita! 🔥

Content sits on the top of the organic channels. One Czech company made the best out of it. In the midst of the pandemic, PriceFX managed to generate $40M in new pipeline through content marketing.

In this in-person event of Prague Marketing Meetup, Leo Alshafei will interview Pricefx’s CMO Patrick Moorhead to uncover their strategy.

Come to learn but also come to connect. Connections are priceless with infinite ROI. This is where you can find a new candidate, client, mentor, agency, or job. Not a friend though, you’re probably too old for that!

👉 When: Wednesday, May 31st, 18:30 (that’s 6:30PM!)
👉 Where: Pricefx, Thámova 681/32, 186 00 Karlín
👉 Price: Free
👉 Capacity: Limited

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